Hey Y’all!

I need your help!

I need exposure!

I’m just getting this blog started, but I expect it to really take off soon. I hope to be able to offer amazing giveaways in the future, but in order to do that, I need to convince manufacturers that I have a great reader base.

Could you please subscribe? Comment? Follow? Like me on Facebook?

Pretty please with sugar on top?

I plan on reviewing products that I have found helpful in my life as a mom of special needs children. In my own research of products, I feel that this is an area of reviews that is lacking. I can find lots of reviews from a typical parent viewpoint, but almost nothing on how it relates to me as a special needs parent.



3 thoughts on “Hey Y’all!”

  1. I am really excited about this blog!! I’ve passed on the link to some other momma friends of mine. I can’t wait for more posts :)

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