Thursday Thinking #3

This is a weekly series that I hope you will take part in. Basically, I will ask a question, you answer. Easy-peasy. 😉 Sometimes the questions will be very simple and easy to answer in one word. Other times they may be more controversial and require a bit thought on your part.


#3 When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?

After laughing for a bit at the thought of 30 minutes of “free-time”, I gave it some thought. I would probably spend it taking a long shower. You know the kind, where you get to shave both legs and wash your hair.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thinking #3”

  1. Oh….you mean the kind of shower where you can actually wash EVERYTHING and no one says “Hey Mom….”?!?!? That would be soooo very nice!

    If there is free time…some reading or knitting is usually what happens. I find both very therapeutic! :)

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