Thursday Thinking #19

This is a weekly series that I hope you will take part in. Basically, I will ask a question, you answer. Easy-peasy. ;) Sometimes the questions will be very simple and easy to answer in one word. Other times they may be more controversial and require a bit thought on your part.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I would like the ability to have the exact amount of money I needed every time I opened my wallet. Not any more than what I needed, not less, but the exact amount. Groceries total $95.99. Well looky there, I have exactly $95.99. Kiddos tuition bill come in $3028 more than expected because the GI Bill made a change we didn’t know about? Hey, I happen to have $3028 right here. And I wouldn’t even abuse it by confusing wants with needs. It would only work for needs.

So, who’s in charge of superpowers? Can I talk to them?

My John Hancock

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thinking #19”

  1. I like all the ideas above. My answer to this question has always been: to fly. I would love the have the ability to jump off the ground and fly like superman. haha

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