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Am I the only person who feels that the following two statements are contradictory?

Global Giving blog entry “Animals For Autism” dated Jan 27th 2012

“Over the last few months we’ve heard the concerns raised regarding a $50,000 grant awarded to an individual, Lea Kaydus, in July 2010. The project is to provide ten trained dogs to families of autistic children free of charge.”

“We have been in regular contact with the grantee throughout the grant period (including a recent site visit), and she is in compliance with the terms of her grant agreement and is scheduled to deliver the dogs to the requesting families starting in Spring 2012.”

Chicago Tribune article June 6th, 2012

“Global Giving representatives who visited the central Illinois facility in the winter reported that Kaydus was training the dogs, even if they had been temporarily relocated to other homes when the trainer ran low on funds.”

“Although the Pepsi Refresh voting site stated the grant would go to “train and place free service dogs with autistic kids,” Global Giving has said the terms of the grant do not require actual delivery and that the money may be spent on items that go “toward realizing the spirit of the grant,” such as building kennels and caring for the dogs.”

Another (no)update – Pepsi Pups

Are you here looking for the latest on the Pepsi Pups? (All previous posts are here)

An update?

Keep looking.

Even the Chicago Tribune ran a No-Update Update on this whole mess.

Once again, Lea Kaydus, the founder of Animals For Autism (who is an individual and not an organization…..) is gone.

Global Giving is not giving any updates.

Pepsi, well we have already established that Pepsi doesn’t care.

Out of the original 13 families, not a single one I was able to contact has heard ANYTHING. Even though they have been calling, and emailing and ASKING for information.

Why the silence?

I would think that if the grantee is on schedule with her expected completion date, someone would be shouting that from the rooftops.

What is the secret?

Besides the fact that the grant period ended March 31st.

And I have not heard of a single well-trained service dog being delivered by Lea Kaydus.

I have heard of a very poorly trained dog being delivered to a family that was not part of the Pepsi Pups. That dog was so unsocialized and poorly trained that the family was forced to abandon all hope of using that particular dog and have had to start back with another service dog organization.

So………have you heard anything? Because the families the $50,000 grant was supposed to benefit have not.

And I know you are reading my blog.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda…

I have regrets.

Huge, glaring, haunt my heart regrets.

Things that when I look back on, I wish I would have done differently.

I coulda….woulda….shoulda.

They are the thoughts that sometimes keep me company at night when I can’t sleep.

Well, that and the cat. She keeps me company also.

Oh, and the rain.

Do you believe in destiny? The thought that from the moment you are born, you have a path. And try as you might to veer left or right, your path is where you will go.

Do you believe that our life (lives?) are a circle, to be repeated over and over again…….and we are presented with the same opportunities until we chose the proper path?

(Random factoid…..there was a Merle Streep movie about this subject called Defending Your Life.)

At night, when my company is Suzy’s purr and tap-tap of rain on the windows, I wonder.

I wonder if my destiny was to be Faith’s mom. To watch over her.

Maybe my path was to be the guardian of her path.