Thinks to be thunk

This is a mentally tiring time for my family.

There are many, many thinks to thunk.

The more thunking we do on our thinks, the more I thinks thunking hurts my head.

So instead of continuing to think on the thunks, we did this:

My co-pilot.


Which led to this:

Climb that thar mountain!


Then this:

Do little canyons dream of becoming Grand?


Next it was this:

    My Dads biscuits and gravy…..true comfort food for my soul.

Then it became this:

Water? Do I see water?


Which naturally became this:



Then we did a little of this:

  No fish were harmed during this excursion.

Then there was some this:

  Words of wisdom.

Which ended like this:

It’s all good. I think.