It’s how you look at it

Yesterday we woke up to discover that during the night my van was vandalized. After a bit of anger, I tried very hard to find the positive in this. The damage was cosmetic and does not affect operation of my Scarlett. It is fixable. And finally, the damage didn’t happen while we were driving. I happened while we were safely asleep in a warm bed.

So, I am spending the morning watching vintage Sesame Street with Faith and drinking bad coffee while Jimmy works on my van in the hotel parking lot. And you know what? Life is GOOD. We are blessed. We have a warm bed and Jimmy has a job. So many people have neither of those.



Most awesome Thanksgiving offer ever! One of Jimmy’s new coworkers, knowing we were living in a hotel, offered us his home for the day. They will be gone. They are leaving us a Thanksgiving dinner in the fridge, Daisy is welcome to run the fenced in yard and full use of the washing machine! I am THANKFUL!

What are you thankful for?

Day Five

Day 5 – York NE – A new Green Lantern ball cap, caught by a 50mph gust of wind at a rest stop, chased down by three burly, laughing truckers, two major storms outran and one state that never ends….Nebraska just goes on and on my friends, some people started driving it not knowing what it was, and they will drive forever because…it’s the state that never ends…