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Turn the page – Pepsi Pups Mess

Have you ever read a book that was so engrossing, that held you so riveted….

…..that when you hit the last page….

…..you sat there, looking at that last page….

And all you could think was “No.” This can not be over. I still have questions. I want to know what happened next!

So you toss the book aside and swear never to read another book by that author because how dare they leave you hanging like that! Then you stomp into the other room and complain to your husband about how unfair the book was to end like that!

Ok, maybe that last part was just me.


I think we are reaching the end of the Pepsi Pups book. Unfortunately it’s not a clean ending. There are way more questions than answers.

Answers seem hard to come by when dealing with Multi-billion dollar companies or a woman (remember kids, she applied for the $50,000 grant as an individual, not as Animals For Autism) who falls off the grid when it comes to communication.

Pepsi, well they don’t really give a darn. Really, it’s just $50,000. And regardless of HOW Lea Kaydus spent that money, they still get the same tax write off. It doesn’t matter to them that the voted upon grant was for training to place 10 service animals. It doesn’t matter to them that Global Giving, by Lea’s own written statement, REQUIRED her to change the grant after voting to fund tangible goods such as a facility.

Global Giving, well they don’t really give a darn either. Service dogs? That’s not in the funding any more. Lea is building her facility just fine. According to Lea’s Facebook status’s (before she took that down, just like her website. Oh, I’m sorry, that is right! That was never her website. It was just donated space from Siberian Snow Babies…..which is her website.) Global Giving MADE her change the line by line budget to cover the tangible goods. And since the tangible facility is all fine and good, well, who cares about the voted upon original grant’s families. Remember them? The families? Apparently not. No service dogs? No problem. The facility is right on track.

Too bad almost everyone we have talked to would NOT have voted on a facility.

Lea Kaydus?

Disappeared again. Of the original 13 families, out of the 9 I was able to check in with, NOT ONE has heard from her.

Poof. Gone.

And all the powers that be are a-ok with that. After all, it’s just $50,000. Oh, and the hopes and dreams of 13 children.

I’m not ok with this. The parents I am in contact with, who were promised well-trained service dogs for their children – delivered in Spring ’12 – are not ok with this.

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Our story part two – CLICK HERE 

(even more information, spanning the last year can be found HERE.)

I think I will be calling this post – The Last Page.

But this is not the end. It is only the end of this volume.

I hope Book Two will have more answers.

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  • Susan April 26, 2012, 1:08 pm

    Lea Kaydus was hoping to benefit by putting out a tremendous feel-good story (Animals for Autism). She did. Lea Kaydus was hoping to keep the Pepsi money ($50,000) and use it to raise her huskies. Looks like she will. Lea Kaydus was hoping to quietly disappear and not have to deal with the families. WRONG – she is not forgotten. I hope the authorities continue to look into her situation and declare “foul” and “fraud.” Like Allison, I can hope…

  • Elisabeth April 26, 2012, 3:02 pm

    Have you considered contacting the IRS about this? I hate to get such a corrupt agency involved, but they’d go after her for the money, if she received it as an individual and didn’t report it appropriately as income. (Can’t imagine she did, if she told everyone it was going to charity.)

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