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Changes for Lea Kaydus – Pepsi Pups

Way back in August, when we first really began finding the inconsistencies in the myriad of stories told by Lea Kaydus, we tried to find anything that was verifiable. We made phone calls to check what we had been told, to find a small shred of truth to hold onto. One of the things we looked into was Lea Kaydus’s LinkedIn profile. It’s public information that she, herself put out.

Oh, she was acting director of finance at SPARC! You know, the Springfield, IL chapter of ARC.

Well, that was reassuring! She was acting finance director of SPARC.

Except when we called to verify, they HAD NEVER HEARD OF HER.


From here you know the story. Blah, blah….lies, more lies, cover up, more cover up, disappearing acts, dropping off the grid, pointing fingers, not my problem, too bad – so sad, sit down and shut up. (If you would like to read about it: Pepsi Pups Posts )

Recently I happened to look at it again. Something was different this time.

SPARC was now linked to something else.

Well….what do you know?? THAT explains it. No wonder no one knew of her or had any records of her ever working there. She DIDN’T mean she worked at the Springfield area ARC chapter! Sheesh. Since that would have been untruthful….

She worked at SPARC! Just give the linky a click and it takes you right to the company….the right one. Here you go:

OF COURSE! See, she wasn’t being untruthful. She worked for the government of New Zealand!!

No wonder she passed her due diligence from Global Giving and they had no hesitation handing her $50,000! She worked for the government of New Zealand!



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  • Ginny March 26, 2012, 10:14 am

    Hi Allison,

    I’ve been following this saga for a few months now. I am acquainted with Lea Kaydus. I certainly don’t condone what she has done but I most speak up on her behalf regarding her employment at SPARC or atleast I believe her employment with SPARC. I know that both Lea and her daughter were active in the SPARC organization. Why SPARC is now saying Lea didn’t work there is puzzling unless you spoke with someone who started after Lea left.

    Just an FYI.

    • Allison C March 26, 2012, 10:25 am


      Thank you for commenting. It certainly is a possibility that we spoke with someone who started after that time frame, but it was my impression that they checked for employment records to verify “Acting Finance Director”. Perhaps she was involved, but in a different capacity? The concerning part is that she has now changed her LinkedIn profile to claim that she worked for a different SPARC, the one in New Zealand.

      Also concerning is that out of the original 12 families (Pepsi 10, plus “James” plus one other who was added a bit later), 8 have checked in very recently and stated that they STILL have not heard from Lea. 🙁

    • Allison C March 26, 2012, 10:37 am

      (Ooops, the cat walked on my keyboard and posted before I could finish… :embarrassed:)
      I also wanted to thank you for taking a moment to try and help shed some light on the situation. Any information is most welcome.

      • Ginny March 26, 2012, 1:03 pm

        Hi Allison,

        Is there any way we can discuss this without leaving comments on your blog?

        Please let me know.


  • D Dautel August 26, 2012, 6:24 pm

    I meet and had dealings with Lea Kaydus but in a different setting. My husband and I purchased two Siberian Husky puppies. At the time niether of us did our homework, shame on us. On a whim we stopped by her house in Glenarm, to see just what the puppies looked like. Well, we both fell in love with those two furry little things. Again shame on us for not doing any kind of back ground check. Paid her for the puppies she mentioned that we could not take right then and there as she normally did not let them go until they were 12 weeks old. Ok, not a big deal as we did not have a way to transport them that day. The weird part was she requested we make the check payable to her husband George Kaydus.
    After the news about her being under investigation for fraud and other things by the IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office, the last name jumped of the pages at me.
    To make matter’s worse, one of the puppies almost died, both were so sick with worms. I know buyers beware. Again shame on us for not doing a background check. Lea claims she is very ill and can hardly get around, then how is she trainging those puppies for those children with Autism. Which is the real Lea? The one that is a breeder of Alaskan Klee Kai and Siberian Husky’s or the one that is too sick to even hardly be able to walk. The yard has many other pets; ducks in a childs pool, chickens, and I do not remember what else was in the yard. Never did allows to go in and see the parents. She also implanted an international microchip in both dogs. Which does not make any sense at all. We live in Illinois.
    Way to many inconsistencies in her story.

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