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Sign it, share it. Pepsi Pups Mess

Please consider joining me in boycotting Pepsi products (I do already, but I’m asking for others to do so as well) for these 4 reasons: 

1) Pepsi and Global Giving approved a Pepsi Refresh project that never should have been approved—to fund the placement of Siberian Huskies as service animals for autistic children by an organization that was deceitful about their nonprofit status (they are not a legal charity). Siberian Huskies are not an appropriate breed of dog to be a service animal for autistic children, but the general public and families involved did not know this.

2) Upon winning the Pepsi Refresh grant, Pepsi and Global Giving changed the terms of the grant and instead told the owner (Lea Kaydus) that the money could only be used to build structures (kennels, building, etc,) and not fund the training of these dogs for the families who were already chosen to receive them. These families not only bought Pepsi products to get more vote codes, but also had their families and friends donate money to the supposed organization to help fund the training. Since then, the lady has taken the money and “run”. Literally. She has built a big new building and continues to SELL puppies via the internet all over the world; but refuses any contact with the families that were supposed to receive the Pepsi pups. Essentially, Pepsi funded a puppy mill.

3) Pepsi and Global Giving are aware of all of this and have done nothing to help the swindled families. These families have huge medical costs and the emotional/physical strains of parenting autistic children. I guess that means that Pepsi and Global Giving thought they wouldn’t be able to fight back, and Pepsi has only “lost” $50,000, so it doesn’t seem to be a big enough deal to them to make this right by the families who were scammed. Please, help me make them “lose” more. Do not buy Pepsi products. If you read the linked blogs and news articles, you will get to know most of the Pepsi Pups families. They are good people who have been terribly scammed. Read them here.

4) The final reason is that Pepsi products aren’t good for your health, anyway, so joining me in this boycott is beneficial to you as well. 😉 xoxoxo






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