Things I have learned this week

We took a short road trip this past week. It was about a 5 hour trip each way. Not too bad right?

We passed amazing sights.


Mt. Hood

We did amazing things


Look! I'm on a boat!

We spent time with amazing people.


The most beautiful woman in the world. My Grandma Kitty.

Sounds like an all around amazing trip right? Nope. I learned two very important things this week when it comes to road trips and autism. 1) Never leave home without the full prescription of valium. Even if you are SURE you will only need two pills. Change is not good when it comes to autism. I can not stress this enough, bring the whole dang bottle. 2) I will not attempt a road trip, or any trip for that matter, ever again until we own an iPad. With a really, really good case. Maybe even one that can bounce.

What have you learned on a road trip?

My John Hancock