We are wild and crazy around here

A local carpet store went out of business. They were selling off the carpet samples for $1 each So I went and bought 20.

What? Wouldn’t you?

We are currently about a year from owning a home again. Homes come with fun things like renovations. Usually (for us at least…) renovations mean decisions. Do we want this color or that? This faucet or that? This carpet or that?

The problem with “this carpet or that” is you don’t have much to go on. You can run you hand over it. If the sales guy isn’t looking you can grab the sample, toss it on the ground and stomp on it a couple times. Not that I have ever done that.

:looking innocent:

But what about the REAL stuff. How does it look covered in dog hair? How does it look when you don’t vacuum? If I dump red popsicle on it, how easy does it clean? And for those of us with sensory affected children…how does it feel under foot. While barefoot? While in socks? While wearing shoes?

We, being the wild and crazy family we are… Cough…. Took this opportunity to grab a bunch of carpet. Different textures and colors. Then I tossed them out and we went about our lives.

I had my favorite, Jimmy had his, Faith even had hers.

Over the weeks, one became a clear  favorite. It didn’t show cat or dog hair. It was just the right amount of soft. It vacuumed great. It cleaned up fantastic. And….. it was one NONE of us would have picked.

I realize this doesn’t sound very wild or crazy but if you ever get a chance to grab some carpet samples, try it. Especially if you are not in the middle of renovating.

And now Jimmy is making scratching posts for the cat. 😉

My John Hancock

New vocabulary and a request

In the past week since Daisy has joined our already crazy household, we have all picked up a few new words and phrases.

Mushers Secret

Dehydrated Firm Up


and the most common one….

Oh my gosh she shredded it!

Daisy is a voracious chewer. Even things that are supposed to be for “vigorous chewers” are in pieces. Little, tiny pieces. I can honestly say I had no idea how much stuffing some small toys had. Or maybe it just looks like much more when it is spread all over my living room.

So far the only two toys that have survived are boiled wool balls for fetch and a black Kong. The balls are not actively “chewed”, but lightly mouthed as she is returning them to us and the Kong, well, she doesn’t really like it. I put some cream cheese into it today and popped it in the freezer in hopes of inciting her to like it more than she likes McDonalds Smurfs.

My question to you my wise readers…

What toys can I try? HELP!

My John Hancock