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Special Education Recertification

I’m feeling pretty nervous. At 1:30 today we are meeting with Faith’s school for her special education recertification. Right now we have amazing services. Really, we have even more than we had hoped for when we made the decision to enter Faith into school 3 years ago. Faith has made AMAZING progress in the last 3 years, and I truly feel it is due to the wonderful support services she currently receives. I have no idea what services they are looking to keep, change or drop.

What I do know, they want to change her eligibility category from “Autism” to “Multiple Disabilities”. I’m not sure how I feel about this.


***** Update****

Here is the word for word from her new evaluation. Have I mentioned how much I love this school district? 🙂

With regard to continued Special Education services, Faith has been served under an Autism category for services. While the team agrees that this disability is valid, it does not reflect (in total) the additional and on-going physical health problems that impact Faith at school on a daily basis. Due to Faith’s on-going health difficulties in addition to her disability of Autism, the team recommends that Faith’s disability category be changed to that of Multiple Disabled. The team views that Faith has on-going health difficulties in combination with her disability of Autism. This combination requires a program and a level of support which cannot be met solely for a single disability.



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  • Cristi June 2, 2011, 12:28 pm

    I hope the change means more even more wonderful services that will make sure that Faith’s needs are met in the absolute best way possible!

    • minivangirl June 2, 2011, 7:04 pm

      Ok, done with meeting. It went really well. Keeping all current services and changing to “Multiple Disabilities with Autism”. They felt that by having her classified as “Autism” only, it did not adequately cover her since she has so many other challenges. After talking it over, and knowing there would be no loss of any services, we agreed.

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