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Not what I had planned

Best laid plans...

I am a planner. I like to have a set schedule of what to do when. I like checking things off my carefully thought out to-do list. Each item is a sense of accomplishment for me. Written, visual record of what I plan to do, and what I have accomplished.

I set goals.

I scribe my dreams.

Autism and Lupus laugh.

Each Sunday after the kids are in bed I pull out my MomAgenda, glance at what appointments I have for the coming week and begin planning.

My plan for Monday? I will clean the downstairs bathrooms, vacuum 2 of the upstairs bedrooms, write one blog post, email two potentinal new contacts, bake zucchini bread and water the patio plants.

Reasonable. Attainable. Doable. I am woman, hear me roar.

Reality of Monday? One melting down, needy, vomiting child. That is it.

Sigh. Clean bathrooms are overrated anyway.


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