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Bread! Milk!

Since moving to the northeast, I have learned of an activity that seems to be commonplace. A storm is forecasted, people rush to the grocery store.

Buy all the bread!

Buy all the milk!

Since this is my new hometown, and goodness knows I am trying to find my groove again, as soon as a storm was forecasted, I went to the store.

Why is that blog post worthy?

Because I challenged myself to smile, nod and/or say good morning to every single person I passed.

And I did.

I also learned from those I smiled at:

Smaller grapes are sweeter, the garlic in the produce section is over priced compared to the condiment aisle, there is a massive run on Pringles every time there is storm – but only at our store, there is a great butcher just up the road, and where to get the freshest milk and eggs.

Why do we not talk to or even smile at those we pass more often?


Get your groove on

It has come to my attention that some of y’all are worried about me.

I love that my friends care enough to check in on me when I have been a bit too quiet.

You guys are awesome!

The move has been rough on all of us, especially since it’s winter. Honestly, it just seems like there is waaaaaaay too much that needs done and not enough “me” to do it. We’ve been in the house 2 months and I’m still not done unpacking! I try to tackle one box a day, but I think they are reproducing at night. ;) I am taking things slow, perhaps much slower than I need to.

My lupus has been under control for a few months now and I am scared of throwing myself into a flare. Even on days when I think I could possibly unpack another box, I am stopping myself.

We are in a new place, trying to settle in and I NEED to stay healthy.

My new doctor asked me if I was depressed. I had to really think about it, but the answer was no. I just need to find my groove again.

And I will.


Blah, blah, blah

I have not been posting often because I don’t really have much to say.


Hopefully I will find my groove again.



Note to self: If you have a child who flips out when something is different, do not put the blue tabs in the potty. Especially after the child has gone to sleep. Because when that child soaks her bed at 3am, and you take her into the bathroom to clean up, all hell will break lose. Related: more coffee please.


Sit on it

Buying our new (to us) home has brought out my inner decorator.

I didn’t even know I had one of those!

I am LOVING making this house our home.

I am also a wee bit impulsive.

I like what I like for no other reason than I like it.

The result is a mix of eclectic styles and colors that appeal to me.

Not HGTV. Not Better Homes.

My home.

Where am I going with this post? Nowhere.

Except to say…..

I love these chairs!



Ok, y’all know we just moved.

Moving brings its own particular joys. Did you hear the sarcasm in my voice?

It also brings a new school.

Was our last school perfect? No. But…Faith’s needs were supported, she was in an environment that allowed her to feel comfortable. She was in a very small self-contained class. The class was all working at the same level, they all had extra needs. No one child was singled out for any issue.

Was it the least restrictive environment?

For Faith, yes. By allowing her to be in a class with only 9 children, it allowed her FREEDOM. She was free to learn at the same pace! She was free to use the bathroom with help. She was free to be with her peers. Kids who were learning at the same level as she was. Kids who also needed sensory breaks. Kids who also needed their coats zipped.

No one was singled out. No one was different.

She was with her peers and that allowed her the freedom to learn.

Was it perfect…once again, no. But it worked beautifully for Faith. She bloomed.

Now we are here.

And I am watching my girl wilt.

I know that every state has its own process and interpretation of least restrictive environment.

But in the end, shouldn’t it be the environment which allows each individual child to grow and learn to their fullest potential?

The staff and administration at Faith new school? They are fantastic. It shows in every communication I have had with them….they truely care about kids. They care about Faith. I don’t think I could ask for a nicer group of people.

But what is in place for Faith right now is not working.

I’m not used to having to fight for services for Faith. It even feels awkward writing that down. Especially when I know I am dealing with a group of people who do care about Faith.

If Faith is to have the best shot at reaching her full potential, something must change.


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We make our own fun around here

Know what is better than super thick wool socks on a cold night?

Super thick wool socks that are still warm from the dryer that you put on and then “skate” on the hardwood floors with on a cold night.

Yup, that.