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Not quite the same.

When I was growing up, the 4th of July was the holiday. We had BBQ’s, friends, family, pools, drinking adults, unsupervised kids, the lake, and fireworks. Oh the fireworks! The bigger, louder, brighter the better! We lived near a Native American Reservation. Do you know what that meant? Not only did we have fireworks, but we had illegal fireworks and lots of them. None of that “Safe and Sane” crap for our Fourth. We had the kind of fireworks that could blow your hand off. If by some chance we ran out of fireworks, we made our own out of gunpowder and aluminum foil. What? You mean you didn’t? I couldn’t wait to recreate these fun times with my own family.

(Hmmm, now that I’m looking back on this, maybe all that wasn’t such a great idea)

Fast forward 30 years and I am now a mommy to a special needs child. She does not like any bright lights or loud noises. Crowds and “different” foods are triggers of a meltdown. She doesn’t even like being outside for very long. The last time we celebrated the 4th of July was right after she was born, before her aversion to all the above became so apparent.

Our current celebration consists of BBQing at home and sending the older children to various places where they have a chance of seeing fireworks. We try to put Faith to bed early before the loudest BOOM‘s start so she does not get overwhelmed. Then hubby and I sit on our porch and hope for glimpses of other families fireworks.

How have your holiday celebrations changed from what you remember as a child? Any holiday at all. What do you do differently?




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  • Ashley July 2, 2011, 9:36 pm

    Gunpowder and aluminum foil? That is genius! (And scary…)
    We tried fireworks again last year. We drove up just before they started going off and left as soon as they were done. We avoided meltdowns but there was some serious stimming going on. I don’t think we’ll be doing that again. I’ll just embrace my inner homebody. =)

    Thanks for stopping by Stinker Babies today! I’m so glad to get to know the other families who are part of the program! I feel bonded to everyone already and I don’t even know anyone! Looking forward to visiting your blog and keeping up with your journey! =)

  • Amanda T July 7, 2011, 11:47 am

    I thought it was really odd that my almost 4 year old had begged to see fireworks all week leading up to the big event, but then when we were actually at the fireworks show, he wanted to play his Leapster while the loud booming and beautiful colors were in their glory. I think he was overwhelmed by what was going on. He doesn’t have the same sensory type stuff going on as you described with your daughter, but I do think that the show was a little bit much for him (as it probably is for some kids his age.)

    There were no handheld video games when I was his age, and on one hand, I can’t even imagine playing one with all of that loud celebration going on around me. Then when I think back on it, the very first fireworks show that I can remember as a kid scared me to death. I thought they were huge flaming rocks that were going to fall on my head and my parents could not convince me otherwise.

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