Pepsi Pups Posts – Animals For Autism

Here is a chronological listing of the posts I have written regarding the Pepsi Pups – Animals For Autism mess. I hope this helps others in finding information.

We drink Coke now – a “Bella” follow up

Another Pepsi Post, this time from Autism’s Ruff

My husbands post…. Pepsi Mess

Even more Pepsi mess… now with a news clip

And the next installment – Pepsi mess

For your reading pleasure – Pepsi Pups

Cover Your Butt Much????

We Got Jesse – Animals For Autism

No winners

A bit of encouragement.

A letter to Global Giving and Pepsi

Why are you hatin’ on Siberian Huskies?

Global Giving’s response.

United response from the Pepsi Pup families (And why I have a headache)


In which Global Giving blatantly disregards a basic request

Sit down and shut up

Hide and Seek – Animals For Autism

All in one place – Animals For Autism & the Pepsi Mess

Hey Girl

Danger, Will Robinson – Pepsi Pups Mess

Stop covering up – Pepsi Pups

Sign it, share it. Pepsi Pups Mess

Why I’m mad – With a video at the end. Pepsi Pups 

Video From Florida Family – Newscast – Pepsi Pups

Happy Birthday to ……. Pepsi Pups 

Changes For Lea Kaydus 

A Happy Ending 

Thank You to Animals For Autism & Pepsi Pups 

And A New Chapter Begins

Turn The Page – Pepsi Pups Mess 

Something is Rotten – Pepsi Pups

Another (no)Update – Pepsi Pups

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