Sick of Summer.

Remember how when you were a kid, summer seemed to fly by. It was gone almost before you even realized it was here. How come now that I am the grown up, it feels like it has been summer forever? Add in the fact that we have not really had summer here in PNW yet, and it equals a cranky mommy. It seems very unmommylike to admit this but….

I can not wait for school to start back up!

All I keep thinking about is everything I’m going to be able to do once school starts again.

Watch soaps? Nope.

Eat Bon-Bons? Nope.

Sleep in late? Nope

Party? Nope.

I will be able to clean my house.

Really, really clean my house. My heart starts going all a-flutter at the thought of it. Sparkling bathrooms, shiny kitchen floors, perfectly straight vacuum lines in the living room. (At tleast until the kids get home from school.)

Are you looking forward to school starting? Or are you in the “not wanting summer to end” camp? What is the one thing you are looking forward to doing that you can’t do with the kids underfoot?

My John Hancock

Life on the wheel

Moving ahead on the fast track.

Living life in the slow lane.

Taking the road less traveled.

Going to hell in a hand basket.

There are many ways to describe forward motion in ones life. Each statement brings to mind a different picture, yet they have one thing in common. They imply movement. The kind of movement that actually leads somewhere.

Lately I feel like I am on a hamster wheel.

I am running and running but I am making NO forward progress.

I clean and clean but the house is never clean.

I work and work with Faith, but it seems her skills have stalled since school got out.

I read and read, but the emails keep piling up.

I cook and cook, but they keep expecting to be fed again.

I wash and wash, but Mount Washmore never gets smaller.

I feel like if I can just run faster maybe I can make forward progress. But I keep running and running but I’m getting nowhere.

“squeak squeak goes the wheel”