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Thursday Thinking #7

This is a weekly series that I hope you will take part in. Basically, I will ask a question, you answer. Easy-peasy. 😉 Sometimes the questions will be very simple and easy to answer in one word. Other times they may be more controversial and require a bit thought on your part.


What story does your family always tell about you?

The year of my 6th Christmas I  was apparently less than stellar. I think they are mistaken because I was always an angel. Always. Anywho, when I asked, repeatedly, what I was going to get for Christmas, my sister finally told me, “All you are getting is toilet paper!”. And guess what was waiting for me under the tree? Wrapped up TP. My little 5 year old heart was broken. The real presents did eventually materialize and I have moved on. With therapy.

This is my family’s favorite story of me. They are mean.

My John Hancock


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  • Lindsay July 24, 2011, 7:54 pm

    The story of my falling out of a tree and then needing stitches in my chin. This story also largely involves my dad because he had a hard time at the hospital watching what was happening to me. “A needle six inches long was going into your chin…”

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