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She’s in China – Part 3

Part 3 of Andrea’s adventures in China.

Here are some pictures of us at the museum with our cultural partners. The museum was really weird. It was a natural history museum, so everything was real… as in they were all stuffed or stored in formaldehyde. it was actually pretty gross. And then they had all sorts of fossils on display, which of course no one else wanted to look at except for me. I’m pretty sure a couple of them might have been fake though.

I’m actually at the hotel this weekend. I had planned on traveling, but turns out that I got wicked sick. I had a killer sore throat, upset stomach, coughing, and a runny nose. I spent most of yesterday in bed. I’m feeling better now, and according to most of the international students, at about the 2 or 3 week mark is when everyone usually gets sick, it’s just your body finally adjusting to the air quality. Which sucks. So I’ve been trying to take it easy since we’ll be going to travel all next week… .sadly to more cities. blech.

The conference went really well, I learned a lot and got to watch a demonstration, but more importantly I got to meet people in my field, which turns out is actually a pretty small community (50-100 people at the conference). And everyone knew my professor, I guess he’s pretty well-known in the community. I also ended up talking with a few of the big wigs (although I didn’t know it at the time) one of them asked for my email and made sure that I keep in touch, he plans to send me papers for me to read when he gets back. I also talked to some of the younger people, which is good since they’ll be the big wigs when I am 😉 I’m really happy that I went, it was a great experience.

Touring China has been pretty fun. we’ve done a lot of things and we’re all pretty travel weary. Today is the last day before we go back to Dalian, and I think we’re all pretty much exhausted. WE were supposed to be at the Nanjing Massacre Museum right now… but most of us decided to skip out on that… It just sounded way too depressing for me, I’m not really looking to spend an hour crying today. But we went to a lot of cool places, I’ll have to find some time to upload the pictures ect.

I’m not sure what my favorite part of the trip was, I wasn’t so much a fan of going to the cities, I really wish we could have seen more nature-y stuff. Hangzhou was really nice though, I liked all the greenery and the lake tour we took. That was really nice. I wish that we could travel this weekend, I mean we can but no one would want to come with me, and they all want to stick around Dalian and party every night (until 11:30 woo hoo) because that’s when the hotel has instituted a curfew, which is pretty ridiculous given that we pay to stay at this crappy hotel and we’re paying about 30 USD each night for each room, which isn’t that expensive, but given that its China, and a hotel not the dorms, I think that the curfew is a little bit beyond ridiculous. I mean what are we going to do if we stay out later? Sleep on the street?

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