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Brush it off – who knew?

A few posts ago, I brought up Faith’s aversion to having her hair washed. 

After trying everything I could think of to get through this problem, I threw may hands in the air, saying aaayooo, I just don’t knooooooow.

And I took Faith to her pediatrician.

Let me back up a moment and explain a bit about Faith.

Faith does not express pain. She may say an “ouch” occasionally, but not reliably.

She may have a double ear infection and the only way I will know is she will have more meltdowns than usual. Maybe.

Being Faith’s mom means trying to figure out what is wrong without much help from the normal cues.

So just on a long shot I took Faith to the doctor.

Ummm. Yea. I feel like a momfail.

It turns out that she actually has a massive yeast overgrowth on her scalp. It’s official called Tinea Versicolor.  It is also painful and shampoo can hurt when applied.

No wonder she was freaking out when I tried to wash her hair.

It is treatable with a special antifungal shampoo.

Oh, she also had an ear infection.

Total momfail.


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