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Get your groove on

It has come to my attention that some of y’all are worried about me.

I love that my friends care enough to check in on me when I have been a bit too quiet.

You guys are awesome!

The move has been rough on all of us, especially since it’s winter. Honestly, it just seems like there is waaaaaaay too much that needs done and not enough “me” to do it. We’ve been in the house 2 months and I’m still not done unpacking! I try to tackle one box a day, but I think they are reproducing at night. ;) I am taking things slow, perhaps much slower than I need to.

My lupus has been under control for a few months now and I am scared of throwing myself into a flare. Even on days when I think I could possibly unpack another box, I am stopping myself.

We are in a new place, trying to settle in and I NEED to stay healthy.

My new doctor asked me if I was depressed. I had to really think about it, but the answer was no. I just need to find my groove again.

And I will.

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