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I’m not sure what that bone is connected to.

Faith is a creature of habit, like most children with autism. She likes things to stay the same. Sometimes that can mean wearing the same shirt for 76 days in a row.

Yes, I washed it regularly…don’t look at me like that…

When a change is made, and accepted, it is cause for celebration around here. When the change even makes us laugh, well, so much the better.

Faith is rough on socks. Like, really rough. She can’t lift her legs fully in a normal gait due to the stroke and hemiplegic cerebral palsy. She shuffles her feet which results in holes in her socks very quickly. I am always on the hunt for a “better” sock that will be able to stand up to her shuffling. We have been pretty lucky that she has not seemed to notice when we switch sock brands.

Until now.

We had determined that the current brand was wearing out just as quick as all the previous brands. During a stop at a local store we grabbed a new brand to try. This pair had an emblom on the side. None of her pervious socks did, they always had writing on the bottom. She was fascinated by this black symbol. She touched it several times, then looked up very earnestly and said,

“It’s a bone! A dinosaur bone! Is it a doggie bone? Or a leg bone! Is it an arm bone?”

Hubby smiled and said to her “Faith, that is a Swoosh.”

She nodded, then slowly turned and said to herself…..”Oh, it’s the Swoosh bone!”

My John Hancock


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  • Dory July 22, 2011, 10:10 am

    Hahahahaha love it! The Swoosh Bone. Doesn’t it connect to that one Thingamajiggy bone and the Doohickey Bone? 🙂

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