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It IS your choice on how to respond.

So, uh, you ever have post scheduled and think it’s all set so you don’t double check to make sure it posted?

Yeah. Me either.


The post was simply stating that Mommy Rambles will be on hiatus until the kiddos go back to school on the 4th.

And I regain some sanity.

But, I recently read this post, and I would really like to share it with you. Please take a moment to read. I have been in this spot more times than I care to remember. You, as an observer can either choose to add to the parents stress and anxiety by the judgements or you can choose to show a small amount of sympathy. And it IS a choice.

One time Faith was having a total meltdown in a pool’s locker room. Complete screeching, screaming, flailing meltdown. I wanted the floor to open up and just swallow us. The awful looks, the rolling eyes. One woman stepped up to me and touched my shoulder. She said “I’m a special ed teacher, and honey, you are doing fine.” That was almost two years ago and that one woman’s nice words are still what I lean on.

Dear Shopper Staring at MY Child Having a Meltdown in the Grocery Store

Read it, please.

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