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My get up and go….

Has got up and left.

One of the awesome (note sarcasm) hallmarks of Lupus is flares. The severity of Lupus symptoms wax and wane. One week I may be on top of the world, nothing hurting, plenty of energy, I am woman hear me roar. The next week it is a struggle to get up off the couch due to crushing fatigue and pain. My Lupus has been pretty well controlled for the past two years.

But this past week….it is back.

My brain is a fog, my joints hurt, and I am so tired. Not just tired, I am tired.

It is a level of fatigue that I don’t even have the ability to explain.

Where the thought of walking into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee is too much. The task of folding laundry can bring me to tears because it would mean moving joints that feel like they are full of crushed glass.

And it needs to end soon. I have a life to live….

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  • Brooke November 28, 2011, 6:03 pm

    ((((HUGS)))) If I find extra spoons I promise to bring them to you!! Love ya lady! Stupid lupus! 😉

  • Lindsay November 29, 2011, 6:31 pm

    I can understand, and probably only partially, the fatigue, I had mono and getting up to go to the bathroom was so exhausting that I would go right back to bed. A three foot walk!
    I am so sorry for your pain and I do hope it goes away soon!!

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