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Now I understand…

So, this took place on my Facebook. It really explains so much.
Allison (Me!):
Absolute highlight of my week…I was just RT’ed by Genevieve of Choo Choo Soul! Yes, I realize that is a bit sad. Leave me alone in my pathetic glory.
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      •  Meg:   I want your life
      • Miranda:  That is so cool! We saw them live a few months ago and I am not ashamed to say it was the best concert I have been to.
      • Allison: I am resisting the urge to tweet back asking if DC is as….ummmm…..ya’know….. in person. 😉
      • Jen: All aboard the choo choo train…
      •  Miranda: Do you mean sexy? If so the answer is yes, yes he is.
      • Allison: See, that is why I couldn’t go to that concert. I would have been rushing the stage all like “What kid? I don’t have a kid here, I’m here just to see you!”
      • Meg: I felt that way about Anthony Wiggle.
      •  Miranda: What made it better was he was all sweaty…
      • Allison: Dang. Now I’m picturing that Miranda.Meg, before I found DC, I liked to watch a little Greg. Not Sam though…. 😉
      • Allison: And I love knowing that others enjoy Choo Choo Soul as much as I do. LOL
      •  Meg: Did you see the Wiggles were retiring? And I didn’t realize Jeff was so old. He’s 58!!!
      •  Miranda: It was glorious.
        Allison: ‎:P Miranda, I am totally jealous.
        Allison: I thought they were just bringing Greg back and Sam was retiring? I just saw a picture of Greg and I couldn’t get over how old her looks too. Hang on, let me look for the article I read.
      • Allison: Meg…Dang! I just saw what you are talking about. Now I feel old. 21 years of Wiggles. That’s crazy.
      • Meg: Luke got into them “early” – my maid of honor is Aussie so she sent him Wiggles stuff before they hit the US. (FTR, I still miss Steve.)
        Allison: LOL, Faith always tells me that Joe is not right.
      • Jenette: OK…silly question…but what was the tweet? LOL…I have to ask cuz’ it was killing me! 🙂
      • Allison: My tweet: “Oh Choo Choo Soul – you make watching Disney Jr tolerable. #momscrush” Then Genevieve RT’d and added “BLESS YOUR HEART MAMA!”
      • Jenette : AHhhhhhhh…that is adorable and absolutely wonderful…I’m sure it made your day. It would have made mine…LOL! ♥
    • ******************************************************************************************************************************
      This explains so much! I am the way I am because my friends corrupted me! It’s their fault! Now shhhhhhh…… Choo Choo Soul is on.
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  • Meg May 20, 2012, 8:37 am

    I am convinced that kids’ group/show success is directly proportional to the amount of Mommy-eye-candy they provide. Old Blue’s Clues (with Steve) are still in heavy rotation here. Fresh Beat Band – amusing and probably quite talented, but far too young to develop a real Mom-following. If they could get our buddy Nathan on Disney Jr. (hey, he’s already on ABC…it’s not that big a stretch), the execs would never have to worry on ratings.

    • Allison C May 20, 2012, 8:44 am

      I would watch that show. I don’t care what show it is, I would watch it.

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