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Something is rotten – Pepsi Pups

The first volume of this book is closed. It closed when we came full circle and once again announced the amazing news that Faith would be blessed with a service dog.

This time it was for real though.

So why can’t I let this Pepsi Pups Scam rest for a moment?

Because I can not sit quietly when I see an injustice.

And this is an injustice.

There are so many wrongs here that I have decided to take one post a week to focus on a small aspect of it.

Have you ever heard of the Pepsi Refresh Grant? It is a contest that allows individuals and groups to compete for money to fund their ideas. The amounts that can be won vary from $5000 to $50,000. Once an idea is submitted it is SUPPOSED to go through careful vetting to assure that the idea is feasible.

First issue – How did the “idea” of Lea Kaydus’s grant pass vetting? If Global Giving was not able to fund the intangible cost of “training for 10 service animals”, why was the grant proposal not changed before it was brought to voting. (From the Pepsi Refresh Project website) During the Moderation Stage, Sponsor and/or its designated representatives will review each Eligible Selected Application to determine if it meets the Grant Program Guidelines (the “Moderation Stage”).  If the Eligible Selected Application meets the Grant Program Guidelines, it will be posted for Voting in accordance with the timing listed in the Application Entry Table above.  …….. All Applications will be reviewed for compliance with these Official Application Guidelines before being posted to the Website for voting as set forth in the Application Entry Table above; however, such review does not relieve Participant from responsibility for compliance with these Official Application Guidelines.

a. Applications MUST:

  • be in English;
  • have one (1) photo as the profile photo
  • be received in accordance with the Application Entry Table in Section 2 above; 
  • describe a project to be carried out for charitable, community or educational purposes within one of the Categories of the Grant Program;
  • describe a project to take place/benefit persons only within one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia;
  • describe a project that is capable of being completed within 9 months from the first date of funds disbursement; and
  • provide a level of detail sufficient to show each of the specific activities to be carried out by the Participant and others, if any, necessary to achieve the principal goal(s) of the project.  
So, just as a recap, here is exactly how the Pepsi Refresh Grant that was submitted by Lea Kaydus looked:
This is what was voted upon. This is what “won”. If THIS was not able to be how the funds were spend, HOW did it reach the point of being voted on. I think it is a straight up disgrace that Global Giving forced the grant to be changed AFTER the voting was complete.
By Lea Kaydus’s own words, Global Giving required her to change the voted upon grant from funding the training of 10 service animals to “tangible goods” such as her awesome facility.
Had the grant read “build a facility”, I can almost guarantee you that pretty much everyone I pestered repeatedly to vote, vote, vote….would not have.
If a grant could not be dispersed as written when it was in the moderation phase, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHANGED THEN. Not after it was declared a winner.
Who dropped the ball on this one?
How many other Pepsi Refresh Grants are being voted on that are then being drastically changed?
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  • Judy Sullivan April 30, 2012, 9:45 am

    “describe a project to be carried out for charitable, community or educational purposes within one of the Categories of the Grant Program”

    And how does her facility meet this criteria? What exactly is she doing with this facility? The thought that she might be housing puppy mill dogs for sale makes me sick. Does anybody know what’s going on there?

    • Allison C April 30, 2012, 9:52 am

      The only ones who know what is going on is Lea and Global Giving. Neither seem willing to share what they know…..

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