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That peg doesn’t fit here

Yesterday, while I was at the store, I spotted girly nirvana. It was perfect. How could any girl not love…


Oh! I wanted! I wanted! Uh, for Faith, of course. Faith.

As I stood looking at the different packages and dolls and LEGOS, I realized….Faith would hate these.

Almost since birth we have known Faith was different. We have accepted it. Faith is….well…she’s Faith.

We have tried to always accept what is Faith. She has her own mind. She knows what is right and what is wrong. She is her own amazing little girl. I know that. I love her as she is. She is my daughter.

So, why do I find myself trying to fit a peg where it doesn’t belong?

I buy dolls, and princess dresses, and tea sets. I buy Barbie’s, and hair bows, and pink. Lots of pink.

Faith? She wants nothing to do with it.

She wants Transformers, and Superman, and firemen. She wants trucks and Captain America shirts and ties. Oh, she loves her ties. She wants red, and blue and black.

She wants to watch Bob the Builder, and play LEGO Star Wars. She wants police car light up shoes, and Spiderman socks.

She wants the blue crayon. She wants the red fork. She wants a Mario bed, with red walls and blue dots.

I love my daughter. Her heart is pure, and she knows what she likes.

I didn’t buy the pink LEGO’s.


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  • Tori February 7, 2012, 8:20 am

    Police car light up shoes?! Hells yeah! And a Super Mario bed?! Dang, that girls got style…

  • MarsupialMama February 7, 2012, 3:14 pm

    I love this *so* much!!! I have the exact same problem! Only the complete opposite. I grew up a tomboy. I grew up with red and blue my favorite colours, playing with my brother’s legos and train set, climbing trees and getting grazed knees. I have hated the colour pink since I was about 4 or 5 years old (every since I can remember). My daughter? Still doesn’t show a preference for pink, but it’s coming. Any day now. She has learned to love purses, bracelets, shoes and rings all by herself. I never taught her, I barely wear any jewelry (my son would just rip it off), and I sure as hell haven’t taught her anything about the pink and sparkly. But that’s what she gravitates towards. The thought of my house being over-run by mermaids and glitter? Not pretty.

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