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The down and dirty

Ok y’all, in this post I am talking about diapers.

I’m also going to complain.

For reals.

When your baby is…well…a baby, you expect to change diapers. It goes with the territory of having a baby. And while it is not anyone favorite thing about having a baby, it is part of the deal. Cute babe, poopy diapers.

It doesn’t matter if you use disposable or cloth, there is still poop to be cleaned off a tiny hiney.

Disposables cost about $60 a month. I’m figuring that on $0.24 a diaper and 8 changes a day. (Amazon – Huggies Size 4 – 140ct Giant pack)

Maybe more, maybe less depending on sales or coupons.

But it ends.

Eventually the baby moves out of diapers and on to scrapped knees and training wheels.

But for some of us, it doesn’t end.

Nine years later there are still diapers to be changed. Bigger diapers. On a much bigger kid.

And just trust me on this one, a 9-year-old poopy diaper is nothing like an infant poopy diaper. Nothing.

I won’t go into “that” side of the issue.

Consider this side of it: $$$$

Once a child hits a certain size, baby diapers/PullUps just don’t work any longer. For us, that was around 60 pounds. Cloth was no longer a viable option at this size either. We were forced to move into “night-time pullups” like GoodNites.

Guess what? We are still at about 8 changes a day.

Suddenly our diaper cost have skyrocketed to $271.20 a MONTH! (Amazon – $1.13 each -Goodnites size L/XL – 21 ct pkg)

Special needs families have so many extra expenses. From special diets due to allergies, to adaptive equipment, to co-pays and therapies.

Having to pay out almost $300 a month on diapers for a child with a medical disability just feels like adding insult to injury.

(I know there are some insurances that DO cover this expense – ours does not.)

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  • Suquamish July 3, 2012, 12:43 pm

    When I was in the Navy, The hospital prescribed depends to me.(Don’t ask me why..) (Medical condition from surgeries) It didn’t cost anything but then again I was the active duty military member. Check with Naval Hospital and see if Faith can get a prescription.

    • Allison C July 3, 2012, 12:50 pm

      We have not had any luck with NHB. Strangely enough, NMCP did. You would think that if one covered, they all would. We have not broached the issue in about a year, it probably wouldn’t hurt to ask again.

      • Suquamish July 3, 2012, 12:58 pm

        It was kind of embarrassing for me walking through the hospital with a case of depends, then running into a corpsman I worked with who said, “I hope those aren’t for you” LOL That’s ok the VA gives me 30 percent for my disabled a$$. I said No thanks to the Depends , when you walk you could hear the plastic rubbing on your pants. I really share your pain with Faith, I don’t know how you can be such a loving and caring mother dealing with all those setbacks day after day, In my eyes you are Navy Mother of the year!

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